Chulito: ('t∫ul, ito)  adjective 

1.  It applies to a person that acts or speaks with coolness. 

2. Colloquial. Something beautiful, cool or funny. 

Chulito stands for dressing for one self.


The mirrored logo speaks to the wearer and, apart from the t-shirts, there are no logos, only ideas, capturing the moment we live in.  

The clothes we wear are our identity, and they are fluid and ever-changing; a reflection of what we experience at an individual and collective level. The only thing that should remain unchanged is our attitudes, our believes in ourselves.


Chulito's misssion is to empower you with this feeling of confidence and above all, with a lot of self love.

In a world where we are continuously buying massed produced clothes, being told how to look and what to wear, Chulito stands out in the crowd, in terms of production, timings and meanings.

Every piece of every collection is handmade, locally produced and in small, limited edition quantities. Made with all the love and attention to design and production methods, and in making every piece completely unique and thought for every person to find themselves in them. Chulito's collections are timeless, high quality fashion for self-lovers with an attitude. 


Chulito is a Spanish brand created by Clara Escalera in 2017


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