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Customer Care

Chulito clothing offers great quality hand made fashion. We care about customer satisfaction, so any feedback you can give us is welcome! However, you must be aware of the care instructions of each product, since many of them can be delicate. Handle with love, since they were made with love! For any questions on the sizes of the pieces check our size guide: see size guide


As an ever exploring brand, Chulito is open to collaborations with other brands or people that feel that can add something to the brand's vision. If you are interested in collaborating, please get in touch with us through the contact page with the subject 'Collaboration Proposal'. You can write us either in English or Spanish.  

Limited editions

Every collection produced is limited edition since it is made by hand and produced one by one by the designer herself. Many of the collections are a one time thing, therefore, carpe that fucking diem! 

Payment Methods

- Credit Cards

- Debit Cards

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